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How to Choose the Right Horse Boarding Facility

There are various reasons as to why you should board your horse at a boarding facility. You will agree with me that having a qualified team of professional horse boarders take care of your horse can give you peace of mind rather than leaving the horse at home alone. Whenever you want to take a vacation and you have no idea where to leave your horse, consider looking for a horse boarding facility. The boarding facility will ensure that it offers a great supportive community to your horse. If you desire to own a horse but you don’t own land, then this is a great opportunity for you to buy a horse and take it to the boarding facility. When looking for a boarding facility ensure that the one you choose has all the riding facilities you would want, it should be well trailed and has a great outdoor arena where the horses can freely move. From there, you can consider the various types of horse boards available and which will best suit your lifestyle

The first point is your budget. This is a very important aspect since you do not want to end up spending more that you intended to. Keeping your budget in check is very crucial. Think about whether you can afford to spend more or if you need to spend less if you now board your horse. ensure you look at the expected cost you will need to part with monthly before settling on a horse boarding facility. these boarding facilities can tend to be expensive and this is why you are advised to research carefully on one that fits your budget. in case you are not in a position to pay for the horse boarding charges, the facility can choose to buy the horse so that you can settle the bills. it is important to come up with a plan to settle your bills in advance since this can cause friction between you and the facility management. ensure that you write down the facilities you feel suit your horse and make a point of visiting each of them so that you can decide on which one to choose and one that is pocket friendly.

Its very important to consider what’s important to you and your horse. Make a list of all the characteristics you want in a boarding barn before you visit any facilities. You obviously want your horse to be safe, and you wouldn’t even consider visiting a farm that didn’t offer that, but this list goes beyond the basics to cover the facilities and services that will improve your comfort and enjoyment. Do they offer change of blankets services? Also take into account your horse’s needs. He might perform better in an open, airy stall with lots of interaction with neighbors if he is social. If your horse is a quiet type, ensure that you choose a quiet, isolated location where he can eat alone. This list, which is specific to you and your horse, will help you identify the barn where you and your horse will be happiest.

You can request to take a tour in the barn just to see around. You will need to check on the hygiene aspect of the facility. The professionalism of the staff, the ventilation of the barns too. How are the stalls? Do they have good flooring? Check on the feeding program too. Do they keep each horse’s information on diet and medication? These are some of the few points to look at upon your visit.

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